8000 Process IO

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August 21, 2015

8000 Process IO


GE’s rugged, reliable 8000 Process I/O, with its optional intrinsic safety, provides a cost-effective and space saving solution that eliminates the need for external intrinsic safety barriers. We can help you address your most demanding process control applications—all while helping you gain a sustainable advantage for future growth.

What is 8000 IO system?

It is a field mounting I/O system that replaces field termination cabinets. It allows a group of field devices of any type to be connected to a single network node. The I/O nodes can then be connected together to build a fast, powerful and open I/O system.


Designed by experienced process engineers specifically for process applications, 8000 I/O is simple to use—delivering cost savings and value:

Minimum Cost Field Mounting

8000 I/O takes the place of the terminal blocks in field termination cabinets; sensors and actuators connect directly to its
terminals. Replacing the multi-core cable to the control room with a single or redundant twisted pair or fiber optic cable reduces the
installation cost dramatically. These savings can only be achieved by field mounting, which the rugged 8000 I/O offers.


8000 I/O is ideal for any size job from eight I/O points upwards. It is compatible with all controllers, from PLC and PC-based systems right up to large DCS installations.

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Hot swap modules without shutdown
  • Automatic addressing – remove and replace I/O without re-programming
  • Field wiring terminates directly onto I/O field terminals – no external terminals required


Hardware, User Manual, Datasheets and Quick Start Guide downloads below.

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