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PAC8000 Controllers
August 21, 2015
Control Systems Solutions Catalog
August 21, 2015

Controller Solutions


Power and Flexibility to Meet Your Automation Challenges

In today’s challenging economy, you’re being asked to do more with less — to deliver better results and greater profitability with fewer resources.

And all this while adhering to increasingly demanding customer requirements and managing operations that are moreglobal in nature. Now more than ever, you rely on control solutions that help you maximize your productivity and set you apart from your competitors.

Understanding the pressures that you face and building the hardware and software technologies that enable you to meet those challenges head-on is what we do

Industry leading Quality and Innovation

  • PACSystems* – combining flexibility, openness, and performance without the historical burden of migration path and conversion
  • Ground-breaking programmable automation controller (PAC) concept– write your application once and use it on multiple hardware platforms
  • Proven history of developing technology to give you superior power with unprecedented flexibility in system design
  • Six Sigma design methodology for superior reliability

Get Just What You Need

  • Fine-tune your system design to your exact performance requirements and budget
  • An unparalleled variety of controller and I/O modules at a range of price points
  • The power of customized solutions with the convenience and economy of off-the-shelf technology
  • True hardware independence and your choice among PAC, PLC, or PC-based platforms
  • Flexibility to grow as you grow, offering a range of options through the lifecycle of your applications


Hardware, User Manual, Datasheets and Quick Start Guide downloads below.

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