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August 21, 2015
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August 21, 2015

PACSystems RSTi


The new RSTi I/O system is Profinet enabled and ideal for distributed control applications. The compact, granular “build as you go” design of the RSTi enables the user to optimize the design of the system and therefore minimize cost.

The RSTi is also Network Independent with over 10 different bus interfaces available such as Profibus, Modbus (serial and Ethernet), EthernetIP, EtherCAT, CANopen, and CCLink. The RSTi is supported by over 80 discrete, analog, motion and specialty I/O modules to address simple to complex applications.

Benefits of RSTi

  • Network Independence: OEMs and System Integrators can standardize on their I/O layout without worrying about the controller it is connected to.
  • Reduced Development Time: Panels can be fabricated in advance, independent of the control system, by simply changing out the network/bus interface without impact to wiring.
  • Reduced Installation Cost: Distributed I/O networks reduce installation and wiring cost.
  • Lower Cost Per Point: The RSTi can be configured to meet application needs. The granular design reduces panel space and module cost.
  • “Build as You Go”: Expansion is simple; just slide in a RSTi I/O module without impacting the wiring back to the main control panel.
  • System Simplification: The distributed nature of the RSTi greatly reduces the time to dis-assemble and re-assemble a machine, therefore reducing machine commissioning.


Hardware, User Manual, Datasheets and Quick Start Guide downloads below.

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