PACSystems RX3i Controller

Series 90*-30 PLCs
August 21, 2015
PACSystems RXi Controller
August 21, 2015

PACSystems RX3i Controller


The PACSystems* RX3i controller is an incredibly powerful Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) in the innovative PACSystems family. The RX3i features a single control engine and a universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence
of control.

With integrated critical control platforms, logic, motion, HMI, process control and high availability based on our Reflective Memory technology, the RX3i provides the performance and flexibility to give you an advantage. No matter the challenges your applications bring, PACSystems RX3i lets you take control.

PACSystems RX3i Benefits:

The innovative technology of the PACSystems RX3i enables users to:

  • Address major engineering and business issues, such as higher productivity and tighter cost control
  • Boost the overall performance of their automation systems
  • Reduce engineering and commissioning costs
  • Easily integrate new technology into installed base systems
  • Significantly decrease concerns regarding short- and long-term migration and platform longevity


Hardware, User Manual, Datasheets and Quick Start Guide downloads below.

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