PACSystems RXi Controller

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August 21, 2015
PACSystems RSTi
August 21, 2015

PACSystems RXi Controller


High Performance Distributed IO Controller Platform

Higher Performance

The RXi Controller is designed for high performance distributed IO applications. With a high performance dual core CPU and Gigabit PROFINET (with built in MRP redundancy) and Ethernet ports, every aspect of the RXI has been designed for performance.

For even more power, the RXi controller can be combined with the RXi Modular IPC to deliver a unique control and computing platform for the factory floor. Integrated high-speed connectors allow instant data handling. Operator usability can be enhanced by pairing the RXi Modular IPC with new RXi panel displays with new multitouch technology.

The unique combination of high performance control, integrated PROFINET, intelligent display module, and compact format truly distringuishes the RXi Controller for other offerings.

Greater Uptime

Systems with distributed architectures are easier to configure and maintain. In addition, RXi components are industrial temperature grade, which combined with patented thermal monitoring technology and sophisticated passive cooling techniques delivers reliable control in rugged environments.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

RXi’s compact control and computing platform allows users to simplify panel design and reduce the overall size of the panel while benefiting from the performance, maintainability, and upgradeability of the PACSystems platform. The optional Intelligent Display Module provides a maintenance touchscreen display right on the controller, providing faster interaction with the controller and simpler start-up.


Hardware, User Manual, Datasheets and Quick Start Guide downloads below.

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