PACSystems RXi Display/Panel PC

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August 21, 2015
PACSystems RXi Modular IPC
August 22, 2015

PACSystems RXi Display/Panel PC


Multi-Touch Control and Widescreen Viewing of Industrial Processes

To succeed in an outcome-driven world, businesses must operate faster and leaner, and be increasingly connected. At GE Intelligent Platforms, we’ve reimagined automation architecture to help you succeed in today’s business environment.

A pivotal point within this architecture is the displays for operators. GE Intelligent Platforms reconsidered every aspect of an industrial display when developing the PACSystems* RXi Display. From the moment it is unpacked and mounted to when the operator touches its screen, the RXi Display delivers a sleek and powerful user experience.

The RXi Display connects people and machines by combining the latest in touchscreen technology with a widescreen display to give operators an enhanced view into their processes. The result is quicker, smarter decisions based on real-time visualization.

When paired with the RXi Box PC, the RXi Display creates a high performance system that lowers TCO with seamless replacement of either component and provides for powerful upgrades to the underlying computing technology.

High-Performance Display Technology

The RXi Display takes industrial displays into today’s connected world, combining design, durability, and power in an ultra-slim package designed for the factory floor.

The RXi Display’s modular design means it is built for today—and tomorrow. It helps you design better machines and plants, operate them smarter, and redefine the interaction with your equipment.

GE knows that today’s rapidly changing industrial environment requires display and computing equipment that can evolve along with your operations. The RXi Display and RXi PC system doesn’t become obsolete— upgrade the PC as chip technology accelerates. The result is increased performance and productivity, and decreased TCO.


Hardware, User Manual, Datasheets and Quick Start Guide downloads below.

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